Friday, June 19, 2009

Peep. Peep, peep.

My computer is still alive (barely) and so am I.

Well that only took about 3 weeks to replace the adapter on the home computer, while at work, my hard drive died, was replaced, and the entire machine rebuilt in about 3 days, all the while I've been feeling pretty cutoff from the world over here. We don't get the major network television stations, so no evening news; we don't take a newspaper, so there's no print news either. It seems that I get nearly all my news and information over the internets, and you know I was being the dutiful employee that I am and did not use my work computer to surf the internet. Nope, not me.


Okay, so yeah I did—just a little. Actually I've been kind of slammed at work so the fact that all my favorites and bookmarks were wiped out on the rebuilt machine was probably a blessing in disguise.

So anyhow, I'm back and I'll have to get back into the habit of blogging again. So what's happened since my last post?

Let's see, there's still no new vacuum cleaner. I knew it would take us a while to make a decision, so I stopped by our local vacuum/sewing repair shop (does anyone know why you never just see a vacuum repair shop or a sewing repair shop? It's always vacuum and sewing) to get a few spare belts to keep us going while we decide. I asked the repairman what might be causing the belt burning and he said we may have the head set too low for the carpet pile. So we're going to try that for a while and maybe take it in for him to look at before we go buy a new one.

I did get the results from my biopsy—there is some low-grade cell change, which is to be expected with HPV, though there's nothing to be worried about at this point. I'll need to go in for annual check-ups every 6 months now so the doctor can keep an eye on things. In other doctor-y news, I went to the dentist. I know. Thrilling.

I did end up making the trip north for my little cousin's graduation. I'm really glad I went, turns out I had 2 little cousins graduating high school (the other just hadn't sent out invites). And 2 other cousins that I don't know so well were also graduating. Thank goodness they were all graduating from the same high school.

We had a big barbecue for everyone, and it was a lot of fun. I so need to remember to check on local events before I start the next trip up. Turns out graduation weekend was also Redwood Run weekend in Piercy (the last little town on Hwy. 101 before I get off the highway). Which means lots of Bikers, and "bikers," and lots of police. The area was just lousy with police the entire weekend. I think I passed about 10 police/sheriff cars on the drive up, which meant I couldn't drive the way I normally drive.

The other major event up there I've tried traveling during is Reggae on the River.

So anyhoozits, I think that gets us just about caught up. Now I'll have to go out and troll the internet for something interesting.

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  1. Long time, no news... Glad to see that things are back in working order.

    We have had no tech-related issues, but Troy does think he is falling apart! He just picked up his glasses on Monday, and had to have cortisone shots in both feet this week. Telling him that he is double-f-words (translation: 44) just irks him, but it makes me smile. :)