Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Ring

So we're heading back to the jeweler today. Wait wasn't I just there last weekend? Why yes, yes I was.

And why was I there? To pick up my engagement ring after they had tightened up the center stone setting.

So why am I going back? Because the center stone fell out of the setting on Friday. Again.

This is a highly reputable jeweler and I'm getting peeved. The jewelry is beautiful, their customer service is impeccable, but dang it if the product can't hold up to daily wear, there's just something wrong.

I take the ring off when I do dishes. I take it off when I shower. I take it off when I cook. I take it off when I do my hair. I take it off when I work in the flower pots. I feel like I spend more time with it off than on and this still happens.

It seems like all I do while wearing the ring is type and drive. That really shouldn't be that stressful for the ring.


  1. Yeah I don't take my ring off ever. I would be seriously peeved in your shoes, too!

  2. HOw go the adventures of the ring?